Nexus Game Fair

Organized Play - Board Games

Nexus Game Fair is excited to host the 2016-2017 Asmoplay program of board game events and tournaments. Asmoplay is Asmodee's Organized Play program for some of their most popular games. Prize materials include limited edition pices and accessories for these popular games. If you enjoy collecting exclusive swag for your games, you won't want to miss these events!

This year's special event series includes the following titles:
Takenoko Mysterium
7 Wonders Duel Colt Express

Organized Play - Role-Playing Games

The D&D Adventurer's League is celebrating greatness this season, and Nexus Game Fair is joining them. With the release of Tales From the Yawning Portal, Wizards of the Coast has brought back 7 of the most incredible D&D adventures ever written and added that new 5th edition flair. So, we've decided to bring back the best Adventurer's League titles written since its inception so both veterans and new adventurers alike can experience those great adventures together. In addition, we'll be premiering the newest adventure for this season and even have some adventures that have never been played at a Wisconsin convention!

We're also celebrating greatness by bringing two of the amazing admins of the D&D Adventurer's League out to run some incredible author only content, talk about the Adventurer's League itself: Special Guests Robert Adducci and Greg Marks. They'll be here to answer those burning questions you have for them live! If that's not enough to get you excited, how about teaming up with up to 12 tables of adventurers to experience a massive EPIC adventure? This is something you can only experience at a convention like Nexus Game Fair, so come on out, roll some dice, and live the most magnificent adventures in all of Faerûn!
Join the Pathfinder Society's global organized play program and play your own character in one of the world's most popular RPGs. Influence a shaping story in sprawling season-long campaign arcs that take you to every corner of Golarion and to the planes beyond. Comprehensive schedule of games offered including standard scenarios, evergreens, multi-slot modules, special events, and more! Pregenerated characters available. Regional Venture-Officers are on-site to award character boons, Game Master boons, and Paizo prize support every slot!