Nexus Game Fair

Greg Marks

Greg Marks is an evil mastermind directing a criminal army of precocious felines from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After playing his first D&D game at the age of six at Gen Con, he became enamored with role-playing games. He and his cat minions have worked on products for every edition of Dungeons and Dragons and written too many adventures for organized play campaigns to count. He has administered several Organized Play campaigns and is currently the Associate Resource Manager for D&D Adventurers League. Greg and his cats have written for Wizards of the Coast, Dragon and Dungeon Magazines, Fantasy Flight Games' Midnight setting, Raging Swan Press, Schwalb Entertainment, and Kobold Press. Some of his most contributions include Tome of Beasts, Tales of Desolation, and the upcoming Hartkiller's Horn for the D&D Adventurers League. Whether writing a story or GMing a game, Greg says he loves to weave a memorable story, whether the players prefer challenging combats or lots of social interaction.